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Kingdom Hearts- The Rebirth~

A new generation; The same old story...

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~Kingdom Hearts - The Rebirth~
Ever since the final battle between the young Keyblade Wielder and Organization Thirteen, life everwhere was peaceful, for over two-hundred years.
...But history repeats itself.
In a now much more technologically advanced universe, the souls of heroes and antagonists alike have been reborn again into human bodies. These humans bear no memory of their lives from before, but the same unexplainable anger, thirst for power, and eventual destinies await them.
However, it's not so easy this time.
These souls were scattered accross the many worlds, in different scenarios and among different people. Luck isn't necessarilly on anyone's side, and it won't be so easy as simply a repeat performance of 200 years ago.
The world hides in horror from the evils trying to regain power, vengeful against something they're not entirely sure what is. The only hope for the universe now is for the Keyblades and their three wielders to join together to fight this evil.

...But is the sacrifice worth it?


-First big one: No spamming. No flaming. No bashing someone's opinion. Keep all posts related. Don't come here to bash KH or roleplaying, that's just silly. Flaming will result in a ban, spam will just be deleted. If spam keeps up, it will also result in a ban.

-Only one character per player. No original characters until all characters are taken. I count Riku and Replica as two different characters. Xehanort and Xemnas are also two different characters.

-Posts in character journals must be in first person. For 3rd person posts, post in the community using this as your guideline.

-No advertizing other RPGs in this community, character journals, community chats, anywhere unless given permission beforehand. KH fan communities, Disney fan communities, etc. are alright.Ff communities are alright, unless it's based no one individual

-Do not tyep liek dis. Ever. =[ Humor's fine. But don't make a habit of it. Use capitals. Use good grammar. Please.

-Post in character journals once a week. *Daily will earn you cookie points and love. =]* Failure to do so will result in removal from your character's position. You can, however, let me know in advance if you absolutely will not be able to post for a week or so. I try to be lenient, but do try to make an effort to keep the community alive. =\ 3rd person posts in the community do not count towards this.

-Applications are to be made as comments in the first post. Be sure to put the words 'More Affection' in the topic somewhere, so I know you read this. =b

-When applying, do not decide the histories, homelands, etc. for characters other than your own.

Example: I want to be Sora, and Sora grew up on Destiny Islands together with Riku and Kairi and they were best friends. =O
Problem: You've just decided where Riku and Kairi are from. So if someone comes along wanting to RP Riku, and want to be from Pride Rock, they can't because soeone's already decided for them where their homeland is. And that's no fun.

-Girlxgirl and guyxguy is welcome here. If you've got a problem with that, you won't like it here. =\

-These rules are subject to change at any time.

-Have fun. That's what this is here for. Let's work together with this and have fun with the storyline. =]


Main Cast
Sora - [destinysfalling]
Kairi - [shine_upon]
Riku - [yami_ken_hikari]

Maleficent - [wrath_divine]

Twilight Town
Roxas - [cloakedtwilight]
Hayner - [the_red_crystal]

Organization XIII
Xemnas - [eternal_nobody]
Axel - [chakram_of_fire
Naminé - [seasalt_icepop]
Marluxia - [floraking]
Vexen - [science_of_ice]
Larxene - [sadistic_kunais]
Zexion - [fallen_intoruin
Demyx - [waterplay]
Luxord - [gambling_fate]
Xaldin - [twilightgale]
Saix - [thelunadiviner]
Riku Replica - [clorithreplica]

Final Fantasy
Aerith - [lightknownasyou]
Tifa - [finalhavendest]
Selphie - [yellow_nunchaku]
Tidus - [islandsword]
Seifer - [gunblade_knight]
Fuujin - [silent_w0rd]